Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Walrus and the Little Devil

This is just a pen and ink drawing I did for an art class when I was learning to stipple and shade with pen and ink. I took an image of myself at 9 months pregnancy with my five yr. old son standing next to me and morphed a walrus with my head, and a devil horns and tail with him.

The story behind it is that when I was pregnant with my third child I was trying to get out of a banana chair and was worboling around, writhing and off balance from my ginormous belly and he looked at me and said quite convincingly,
"Mom, if you had tusks you'd look just like a Walrus!"
I felt like a walrus and he seemed like a devil for reminding me of my grotesque blubberyness so it's my tribute to motherhood, the miseries of pregnancy, and the delight of a five year old boy.

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