Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ferdinand and Imelda

I can't seem to line them up correctly but these cuties are my fall decoration buddies. I named them Ferdinand and Imelda after Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. I don't know why I've latched onto those names other than that they're fun to say... Fer-di-nand, and I-mel-da. I made them oggling each other because I wanted them to reflect the deep lust and carnal nature that all pumpkin headed folk should have when they have a plastic pvc pipe stuck up their rear end and are left to guard the front of a home in the fall.

I made them from those foam faux craft pumpkins that are hollow so I just carved a face in them and glued the funky floral gooblies to their faces for eyes and nose. I found the cowboy hat in the ditch one day and it just screamed out to be used in a sculpture someday. I made his hair from some straw and fake cattail thingies and her hair is from some artificial red leaves.
They're from Arkansas. You know how you can tell? Because anywhere else it would be called a "Teeth Brush".

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