Saturday, June 12, 2010

Couch Upholstery

This is me trying my hand at upholstery on a 50 yr. old couch I got at the thrift store. It was so well made that it took longer to take apart the old upholstery than it did to put the new stuff on. It was stuffed with horse hair, unmilled cotton batting, and burlap with very well made hardwood framing and straps. The cushions were really sloppy and sagging so I bought new foam for them and made new cushion covers. The inside corners were the hardest and don't quite look the way I intended. I made the mistake of putting the backing on before I'd pulled the upholstered buttons through and so I tried to glue them on to give it a tufted look. That was a bad idea. It looks good but you can feel these hard nobs when you lean back against the couch.
It's a short couch, only 5'-6" so fits well in the little cabin but is made for short legs and not great for laying down to watch tv. I call it a perfect guest couch because it helps them remember to not overstay their welcome.

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