Saturday, June 12, 2010


This is a collage piece that is a little three dimensional. I was making a collage as inspiration for a painting but I liked the layers and colors so well that I decided to just keep it as is and enhance it with a little paint.
I made this after thinking about what a strange journey it's been to try to fit in in the local LDS culture. I have never quite fit and living in Southern Utah places me right in the heart of a mindset that many find oppressive, dull, unenlightened and very rigid. I gave up trying to be like everyone else early in my youth and decided to just be the goat among sheep and do my own dance.

After being myself for years I don't think I'd know how to be anyone else and if that makes me an oddity or excentric, then that's almost a compliment in my book. I love Utah. I love the landscape, the varied weather, the gorgeous and amazing mountains and national parks. I love the lifestyle and good schools. I love my quirky backward neighbors in spite of some obvious inbreeding and general ignorance. I am in their world but not of their world. I don't plan to move away in the near future and so I will just have to go about doing my little goaty dance of joy on my little goaty legs and let them all wait with their heads down and suffer in silence till Jesus comes to rescue them from a life of duty and obligation.


  1. Many of your creations make me chuckle. Sometimes it is theme, but often just the happy colours and energy in them. This is one of them.

  2. Thankyou Janet. I hadn't noticed this comment before so I'm glad to see that something tickled you. Most of my art is so amateurish and I don't hold out any hopes of selling much of it, but I do it as a way to express myself and keep from going bonkers while I'm incarcerated in Vegas.

    The Dancing Goat is just my way of thumbing my nose at the "Establishment". I'm glad it tickled you too.