Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lorenus Bobitus Peemessiac

This is a pencil sketch I did during the O.J. Simpson trials. I was so angry that he was getting acquitted for murder when it was so obvious he'd brutally killed two people. I decided to make at tribute to victimized women everywhere who are on their cycle.

This is the ugly hideous frightening vindictive five headed monstor that takes over our mind and bodies when we're pre-menstrual and suffering from bloating, hormones, cramps, and general pissiness. I morphed the various heads with knives to represent the bloodiness and rage that can be directed at some idiot like O.J. who is running off screen cowering from the wrath of a woman ready and willing to slit his throat and eat his liver.

The red X is a bit obvious, don't you think? Watch out men, we have our ways of revenge. You had better sleep with one eye open if you think you can get away with brutalizing or abusing some of us.

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