Saturday, June 12, 2010


This is a mixed media piece I painted for my son Brian as a Christmas gift. He's a really smart techy guru kid and was always exceptional at math. He is my Brian-stein and I'm very proud of him.

The photo doesn't quite do justice to the piece because it's so reflective that it loses the color and depth from the light bouncing off the irridescent inlay. I made this from a really unique and difficult three dimensional puzzle of a wizard holding a glowing ball that sort of bounces through the window and out into the universe. The planet is seen in three different sizes which give it movement so I went to the dollar store and found some bouncy balls and cut them in half and glued them over the planet to give a three dimensional look.

The character on the bicycle is the head of my son when he was about six years old and at his most curious and fun, and I grafted it onto an image of Einstein riding a bicycle, then took the legs and folded them accordian style to make them look a little funky and give some movement to the image. I found a paper red bicycle in a craft shop and scaled the image of Brian to fit the bike and set him sort of off kilter riding the bike through the space time continuoum.

The image of Einstein was taken off the Internet from a wax model of Einstein and I then curved it so that his big nose was coming out at you, giving him some movement and a little three dimensional quality. I took his hair and adhered a silver glitter stickyback foam to the ends of the hair and then continued them out into the page so that he looks like his hair is electrified and becomes part of the background of movement and universe.

The funky little coatrack thingy was an afterthought but fit the theme. In the television series Twilight Zone there is this floating coatrack that seems out of place and odd and I thought an askew coatrack gave some texture and odd dimension to the piece.

Ultimately, it's a tribute to my son. He's odd, quirky, brilliant, clever, unique, and a lot of fun.

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