Monday, June 14, 2010

Honey and Emilia

When my first grandbaby was due I drove out to Missouri where my daughter and her husband were living while he went to Medical school. I took my dog Honey with me and when she saw her big sister she cried like a baby and was so happy to see her. My daughter was already in labor when I got there so in a couple of hrs. we went to the hospital and late that night on Oct 28 my first grandbaby was born. It was thrilling. When they brought her home three days later Honey was very attentive and concerned if she cried and kept bringing her a tennis ball to comfort her. At one point when she was just laying there on a new blanket Honey leaned up and sniffed her and she put her little hand on Honey's face and looked at her with a very tender sweet gaze. I had the camera ready and it was just so sweet.

Here's the photo image of the event.

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