Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Moon Goddess

This is the Moon Goddess. I'm selling the original pen and ink 12" x 12" drawing for $75.00 and 12" x 12" prints for $20.00 each. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bla Bla Bla

This pen and ink drawing was inspired by a piece I saw in a friends home in Washington state. It was so hilarious and captured the expression of so many of us as we cope with the nattering nagging gossiping rambling tedious bores in our lives. I found some ostriches online and worked this drawing up from a composition I made from photographs. The original is available for $75.00 and 5 x 7 art cards available for $8.00 each.

Bugs Delight

Acrylic paint and prismacolor on bristlboard and craft paper. Original is already sold but 5" x 5" art cards are still available for $5.00 each.

Tree of Wife

This is a pen and ink drawing that has been sold but I can still produce prints for $20.00 each.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Love Tree

I made this prismacolor piece on a whim last winter and it sold just minutes after I posted it on my facebook page. I still have prints and cards available. The cards are 5" x 5" and I sell them for $5.00 each or a 10" x 10" print for $20.00.

Triangular Chicken Tractor

When we got our chicks a few years ago we needed a place to keep them from the older chickens my mother had given us. I used some leftover 2 x 4's and tin and made this using some plywood gussets in the corners to connect them and then stapled the chicken wire around the sides. We screwed large casters on the bottom and made a hatch at the top and a small door on the side to access the chickens. It's heavy but scoots around the lawn well and gives the chicks room to play and acclimate to the outdoors till they're big enough to go with the big girls. If I ever have to quarantine a chicken I can keep her in here till she's better. The tin keeps the rain and sun off the chicks. I've also used it as a large buffet table for parties after draping some sheets across the top.

Sea Shell Collage

My artist and scuba diver friend Bill Brown collected shells from his many travels around the Caribbean, Great Barrier Reef, Indonesia, and South Pacific Oceans. He brought some to his home in New Harmony and when he moved back to Florida permanently he gave me boxes of these dusty old shells in plastic bags with hand written notes of their origin. I decided to arrange some of them onto a plywood backdrop with an old weathered oak frame around it. I love how unique each of these shells are. They add so much sculpture and beauty to my bathroom and are beautiful natural art pieces on their own.

Eqality Murals

 Three years ago a friend asked me to help paint some backdrops for a large equality dinner event she was having to help raise money to support LGBT issues, including gay marriage and outreach for homeless teens. I got some sheets at a thrift store and primed them with some mistint paint, and then mixed some colors from old paint pots and hand painted these southwestern scenes. They looked great all together (three king sized sheets) and have been a great setting for the events.

Bongo's doghouse

Bongo, the mostly retarded and very mentally disturbed rescue dog needed a shelter for when we go out for the weekend so we took a plastic barrel and cut the top out, bolted some rubber scraps to the front and drilled some holes in the back for ventilation and a couple in the bottom for drainage. Bill cut some 2 x 6 legs with a scoop cut out to hold the barrel and we drilled it to the legs. It's lightweight, waterproof, and really comfortable for him or any medium sized dog.

Twelve Days of Christmas Ornaments

Twenty three years ago I was pregnant with my youngest daughter Holly and was ordered to stay in bed the final three months of my pregnancy. So I gathered some craft supplies and fabrics and made 72 ornaments, including a Partridge in a Pear Tree, two Turtle Doves, three French Hens, four Calling Birds, five Golden Rings, six Geese a-laying , seven Swans-a-swimming, (all the birds were made from eggs I blew out and glued feathers to and made pipe cleaner necks, etc.) eight Maids a Milking, nine Ladies Dancing, ten Lords a Leaping, eleven Pipers Piping, and finally, twelve Drummers Drumming.

Every year we decorated our tree with these ornaments and had a party where we'd sing the song and as each verse came up our guests would take turns putting the figures on the tree. It was a lot of fun and we shared many good memories. Eventually I decided to pass these ornaments on to my daughter Holly to use with her own family traditions.

Daniel's Butterfly Mandala

 This is a mandala I drew and colored with prismacolor pencils for a friend of mine who founded "World Peace Gardens.  He and I have become like soul siblings and have shared many secrets and wonders about the world. If I could choose my own brother it would be Daniel Pettigrew. He loves butterflies and of course the peace that comes from the unity of all mankind (and womankind). I've incorporated the elements of the earth with the cycles of a butterfly's life as well as icons from important issues to both Daniel and I. Bill later made a nice frame and we gave this to Daniel at one of his World Peace gatherings.

Fall Decorations and Pumpkin Carvings

Victorian Santa Claus

 This is an 18" tall Santa Claus that my sister and I made many years ago. She sewed the body and clothes and I made the armature, face, and decorated the basket. We made about four or five different ones and sold them to a boutique. This one did not sell and so I kept it and then a few years ago gave it to my daughter in law for Christmas. He is a sweet presence in the home at Christmas.

Costumes for kids and grandkids

 These are costumes I've made for my kids and grandkids. Some are revamped from old clothing and other costumes and some are made from fabric scraps or pellon and then painted, glued, etc.. I love making play clothes and costumes for them that they can dress up and imagine and dream about their superheroes or characters they want to experience. Dress up and creative play are very important to a childs imagination and help them learn to expand their own perspectives. I hope as they play with these clothes and costumes that they feel free to use them up till they're worn out, that they learn how to make their own, and enjoy the fun they are meant to give.

Denim Purses

Denim purses made from thrift store skirts and fabric scraps with antique buttons. I sell these for $45.00 each and they have lots of pockets, sturdy straps, inner lining, reinforced stitching, and really cute unique one of a kind floral and art designs on the fronts all securely stitched and made to be sturdy and durable.