Sunday, January 5, 2014

Triangular Chicken Tractor

When we got our chicks a few years ago we needed a place to keep them from the older chickens my mother had given us. I used some leftover 2 x 4's and tin and made this using some plywood gussets in the corners to connect them and then stapled the chicken wire around the sides. We screwed large casters on the bottom and made a hatch at the top and a small door on the side to access the chickens. It's heavy but scoots around the lawn well and gives the chicks room to play and acclimate to the outdoors till they're big enough to go with the big girls. If I ever have to quarantine a chicken I can keep her in here till she's better. The tin keeps the rain and sun off the chicks. I've also used it as a large buffet table for parties after draping some sheets across the top.


  1. I bet it was strange for the guests as they ate to hear some clucking from the drumsticks being served.

  2. Yes, I like to show my guests that the warmth of the food they're eating is just a heartbeat away.