Saturday, June 12, 2010

Insanad's Perfect Day

Dang, the glare really distorts and ruins this picture. I'll see if I can re-take it someday and make it better. This is an acrylic painting of my perfect day where I'm in my garden while my grandson is playing in my yard at the cabin in Utah, my dog Honey is a puppy again and all is bright, sunny, and wonderful in the world. My boobs are floating high and firm and I can bend down without my knees screaming in pain. It's a fantasy piece but we all have our dreams and illusions.


  1. Thankyou Janet!! I haven't been away from my cabin a whole four hours and already I'm so homesick. That painting makes me feel even moreso and so sometimes I just have to turn it toward the wall to help me get over the incarceration here in Vegas. One more year. That's what my man says. I can do one more year. I'd sure love to show you the cabin someday. It's funky and old but very charming.