Thursday, June 17, 2010

Painted Dressers

This is a poplar, maple and hdf dresser I made for my daughter many years ago. I was tired of having cheap dressers fall apart so one year when I was working for a cabinet company I had a co-worker help me make three of these large highboy dressers with heavy duty drawers and hardware. I hid them in my bedroom for two months while I painted them (before art school and while I was LDS). My other daughters has the Manti Utah temple on it, and my son's is painted like a big leather steamer trunk with old fashioned car stickers on it. They were not cheap even though we built them from scratch and so that year I bought some very small toys from the dollar stores and put them in the drawers with new pajamas and shoes and that's what my kids got for Christmas. They were initially a bit disappointed that there weren't too many toys under the tree but now 15 years later they're still using these heavy duty dressers. I think they've forgiven me for not buying too many toys that year.

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