Saturday, June 12, 2010

Squash and Tomatos

this is a pen and ink drawing of some squash and tomatos that I had laid on a piece of newspaper. We were assigned to make a sort of odd graphic drawing with several sketches of these vegetables as they decayed, reflecting the stages of decay, the shadow and sheen, lighting, etc. I was looking at them with a magnifying glass when I decided to incorporate the glass into the drawing, as well as the newspaper. I was writing "Squash and tomatos, squash and tomatos" when I got bored and started writing other stuff. It's fun to read if you can get close enough. I put the red handled magnifying glass in it just because I like red and it's a little bit of a surprise in the midst of the black and white.  


  1. This is still one of my favorites. If I ever finish reading all of it my life will be complete. Well, that and about 6 million other things I want to do.

  2. Well sweetheart, if you get to the part where I'm coveting Jamie Lee Curtis's body, or where I make a voo doo doll of my math tutor, then you know you've read the most interesting parts of it. The Pig and Pearl one is still there if you run out of awful reading material.