Thursday, January 20, 2011

Caille's Robot Costume

My amazing brilliant perfect and adorable grandson Caille turns four this week (I think it's this week, or maybe next, but sometime this month because I remember it was cold outside when he was born). Anyway, he and I are best buddies and he loves science stuff and pretending so I made him an everyday costume that he can wear whenever he wants. This is a Transformer/Robot play set.

I started with a bunch of thrift store junk and some doohickies from the garage. The body is made from an aluminum windshield reflector cut and hot glued over a pellon form. The pellon is actually the stuff wallpaper hangers use to smooth out a wall for professional wallpaper jobs. It's sold by the roll and is a really great stiff fabric base for anything painted, glued, or sewn and holds up well for costumes.

The yellow part is the plastic molded packaging that came around the Bose speakers my husband got me for Christmas. I just cut them apart and spray painted them yellow. Then I glued them to the pellon and wrapped the fabric around the edges to keep them from tearing and give a firm base to glue it to the body.

The blue and red coils are from the office supply place and are just the plastic/wire spirals for bound documents. The plastic tubing was some oxygen tubing I got at the thrift store and the gold buttons were just plastic buttons that I clipped the back loop from and hot glued to the yellow parts. the little knobs are electrical connectors from the garage and I just cut a tiny hole in a piece of the silver foil and poked the connectors through and glued them from the back. They look like toggle switches and dials for his robotic movements.

The holsters are just that sparkly glitter foam glued to some more pellon and looped around the side and front of the costume and hot glued in place. The gun and game control were from the thrift store and made cool weapons to fit in the holsters.

When I designed the body I made the side wings wide enough to wrap around each other and then glued four strips of velcro to them so the costume can be taken off easily. I made the neck hole fairly large because my brilliant perfect intelligent wonderful grandson has a freaking huge brainiac head.

I flared the shoulders to give him the impression of armour. It looks pretty manly.

The back is just some more of the molded plastic with some of the binder coils tucked into holes and glued in place and then I cut off the electrical connections from the game control and tucked the wires into holes in the yellow base and hot glued them from behind before glueing the whole thing onto the body.

It should be pretty easy for him to get in and out of and if it holds up well will fit him till he's a teenager. If he wants a new one I know someone who knows how to make them. I hope he wears it out and has lots of fun being a super smart robot/transformer guy.

The helmet was a super dooper amazing find at Deseret Industries thrift store. The back plastic cover is missing as is the battery shield but the front is so cool!! It's a bit heavy so I suspect he won't wear it much but just having such a cool thing is probably enviable. The Power Rangers gun actually works and makes very annoying noises. That's my payback! I think he'll love the gun best of all.

I spent almost $20.00 on the whole kit and kaboodle and it took me about three or four hrs. to complete. I'm busting proud of it. I hope he loves it.


  1. This is so cool! :)

    Your grandson is going to be so excited! Let us know how he reacts, ok? :)

    (Also, why isn't he allowed to celebrate Halloween? )

  2. My son posted a video and I'll see if I can link it here. He was more interested in the bubble wrap that was in the box but maybe as he gets bigger and has some other boys to play with he'll want to play with it.

  3. Here is a photo of Caille in this costume:

  4. Cool Brian, I hadn't even seen that photo before.