Thursday, January 20, 2011

Abstract collage

Normally I am not as skilled at abstract art but it seems to appeal to a wide audience and is actually much easier to make than the finely detailed pieces I usually do. A friend had the frames and some very primative looking stock art that came with the frames. She was tired of the images even though they emulated her color scheme. I went a slightly new direction with these using some of her bold color scheme but picking up as much torquois as I could because her dining table is made form a piece of thick shattered tempered glass and has a lot of refracted aqua colored light penetrating through. It softens the room a bit with the bright pastels but keeps to the bold theme of her home.

She uses a lot of wrought iron pieces so the shaddow stencil in a flat black helped to marry that theme. I re-used her frames, matting and backboard and just used some beautiful scrapbooking papers to complete the look and stay on a tight budget. The papers are so beautiful and layered with coordinating colors on the reverse side so I curled the ends to add a little whisper of what was behind as well as add a somewhat three dimensional quality to the work. It's sweet and flirty without being too pretentious, unless saying it isn't pretentious is pretentious.


  1. Normally I'm not too into abstract art, but I love the colors on these!

  2. thanks That Girl. Luckily the scrapbook paper did all the work for me on these. I just laid them out in a rectangle and cut them to fit then glued and curled the edges. It was some of the simplest art I've ever done and my client loved them.