Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Unitarian Tree of Life

My local UU church has "Called" me to be the Aesthetics Chairperson in charge of adding visual and construction installments to the building to make it look better and have better functionality. I love the work but find dealing with UU's to be a bit like herding cats. They're all so involved in so many charities and various social endeavors that they're spread quite thin and it's hard to get someone to come and feel enthusiasm for whatever sweaty hard labor project I conjure up. I do love the things that are offered in the church as well as most of the people so I decided to add one more thing to the entry hall to show my appreciation. Usually every little thing done has to go through 20 channels of approval and voting but I'm bypassing that since they decided it's easier to just cut me loose and let me go with what ideas I have. This painting is a tree of life on a sort of rainbow fantasy backdrop with the UU Principles and values written somewhat randomly in the field. I am into the whole tree theme this year and love the way the branches fade into smaller and smaller fractals of themselves. I hope my fellow UU's like it as well and that it serves it's purpose of being a welcoming sign to those who would grace our church.

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