Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holly and Sam and the Octa-fly

This is a picture of a colored pencil art piece I made to frame a photo of my daughter Holly and her boyfriend Sam. They are so beautiful and sweet together. He's hoping to become a marine biologist and she is focusing on culinary arts (she's actually a really good cook and getting better every year). She's always been my beautiful butterfly, flitting from one fun moment to another and trying new things, brightening up any room she enters. Sam is fascinated with the intelligence and wonders of the octopus and so I used them both in a sweet little illustration to enhance their photo. 


  1. Stunning! I especially love the octopus. :) It is so cute! (I also like the way you blended the colors into each other)

  2. Dang, I didn't know I was getting comments!! Thanks THat Girl. Prismacolor pencils are the best for blending colors.

    I'll try to remember to check if I recieved comments more often.