Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Hobbit Hut is Done!!!

Well, after two years of contemplating what to do with the huge fiberglass hot tub left in my back yard, and then about 6 months of actually tinkering with it it's done. There's still a little room for some other resin sculptures when folks bring them to me but the main ones are well mounted and cemented into the structure and there for time and all eternity, or till the world blows up, which happens in 2012. This thing could be my bomb shelter when that happens. It's so tough!!

I used corelle dinner plates for the blue windows and then painted the arched doorway that I cut out with a skillsaw and then BABB helped me put the hinges on. I drilled holes for the window on the door with a hole saw and then glued some little colored tea light dishes as the stained glass on the front, then glued marbles in a pattern to the border and added a wrought iron handle.

The resin statues around the base are thrift store finds that were on sale and some that my children and grandkids contributed. I glued all the character and rocks on with construction adhesive. Then I used mortar mix and a large cement bag that works like a frosting bag to squeeze the cement into the crevices and seal between the rocks. I realize that it's not perfect or completely waterproof, but it's still pretty dang sturdy and sort of purdy, in a junk-art sort of way.

The best thing of all, all who see it seem to love it and many have kissed Wilson the Frog for good luck. My grandson loves the hideout and Wilson very much.  I do too. He's a great addition to the yard.

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