Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wilson the Amphibian Muse

This was an old 8 person fiberglass hot tub that had broken pipes and was not worth repairing so I turned it upside down and am in the process of glueing artificial stones to the fiberglass, interspersed with little resin knick knack statues I got from a thrift store. I cut the holes for the blue windows (cheap plates from walmart) and the holes for the door stained glass window. Those colored circles are tealight candle dishes and I just cut holes in a circle and glued them to the surface with clear caulk, then glued glass marbles to the painted surface. My sweet BABB helped put the hinges and handle on and there's still some work to do to finish it.

The rocks take some real work to glue on and then I'll still have hours in mortaring between them but it'll be really cute when it's done.

The frog on the top is a fiberglass sculpture BABB got online from a place in Nebraska that makes gorgeous yard ornaments. I painted it with various colors of acrylic paint using some images I found online that showed this same kind of frog with all sorts of shapes and colors on their skin. I loved the purple and green together so did purple instead of brown. The eyes were even more fun and I used a little symbol from sign language as the highlight in his pupil. The hand sign spells out "I Love You".

I mounted him on a piece of marine grade plywood that was mounted on an old rotating office chair base and served as a base for a television. Then I glued Cd's, marbles, rocks and a lampshade mounted to a piece of aluminum floor tack.

He's supposed to be a quiet muse who listens to your woes and inspires helpful personal answers as you confess your issues to him while sitting comfortably on the inverted steps of the hobbit hut. If you need extra time to talk to him but it's raining or too hot, you can go inside the hobbit hut and Wilson will hear you through the holes in the fiberglass mountain.

The frog inspired me to call him Wilson, after Wilson the Soccer ball  on the Tom Hanks movie, "Castaway".  It could be a girl frog too but I didn't notice the indicators while I was painting him/her/it.

From what I've read, some species of frogs are ambidextrous, meaning they can go both ways.

I'll post more pictures when I finish the whole hobbit hut. My grandson is coming next week and I think it'll be really fun for both of us.

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