Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Michelle's Foyer

Ahhh, it's finally done. My friend Michelle has this huge foyer that is open to the living and dining room. It had a big empty white wall that was not quite right for furniture placement and too big for just a single piece of art so she hired me to decorate the space for her and make curtains for her living room that looks out to a lanai and the pool area.

I made the tapestry from a large splatter painted oil cloth and some art paper I found at a craft store. I fell in love with this piece of gauzy floral fabric at JoAnne's and talked her into getting it just in case we could use it somewhere.

I'd found the copper planters online but they were quite spendy so I assumed she'd not want them but once she saw them she was in love so we ordered them and then went to a wholesale floral supply here in Vegas that sells only to decorators. I told them I was a decorater (because I AM decorating something, therefore I'm a decorator) and Michelle's green money was as good as any decorators so they let us buy some really nice artificial plants and products.

We sort of went crazy picking stuff out because Michelle fell in love with everything she saw. I wasn't sure if I could make all the stuff she liked come together but as you can see, it's pretty good. She absolutely loves loves loves it and that is the finest endorsement of all. It represents HER taste, her style, her colors, her vision and I just got lucky enough to arrange it in a way that pleased her. I like it too and it's not even my style or color scheme.

She liked what I did with her living room and foyer so much that she had me help her pick out a few things for her bedroom. All of this stuff came as is so I just had to mount it on the wall and lay the rug in place, but she's thrilled with the way it all ties together. I'm very happy that she's very happy. Nothing makes me feel better than helping someone else achieve their own dreams. Getting paid cash money helps me achieve my dreams. Win Win

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